We offer strategy and design solutions to Visionaries.

A Visionary is someone who turn problems into solutions. They don’t accept no as an answer. They don’t need validation and are extremely committed to the vision. These people are the forerunners to every trend.  They use their frustrations as inspiration to create something new and exciting for the rest of the world to experience. They are often admired yet misunderstood, and we’re here for every bit of controversy.
Our strategy and design solutions are centered around the ideologies and principles of the Visionary. We take the time to get to know them, so we can better assist when the time comes to share their mission with the world.
Many times, business objectives are lost in translation or alienated because there was never a system in place to support their unique perspectives. Efforts are scattered because nothing’s clearly defined, and many business owners find themselves scrambling to keep up with the competition. That’s where we come in. We help Visionaries establish brand guidelines and marketing solutions that ring true to who they are and what they represent.
As a freelance graphic designer, I noticed a common issue that many of my logo clients faced. Many were under the impression that they simply needed a logo to make their business official. After seeing how hard it was for my clients to describe their business to me, I knew there was so much more that wasn’t being considered. They had the passion, but lacked the strategy and foresight to clearly define their brand positioning. In my efforts to help them dig deeper into their purpose, I became fascinated with the artistry of molding abstract ideas into tangible brand elements. As a result, TheoryIllustrated was born. ­
In April 2016, I established TheoryIllustrated as a branding and digital design agency. With the Visionary in mind, our intent is to capture and magnify the key qualities that their business is built on and use those qualities to create distinct strategy and design solutions. 
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