Weekly Calls
Once a week, we'll explore the creative process of building the elements behind your brand identity. You'll receive real-time insight behind different branding concepts, how it relates to your vision and the next steps to applying these insights to your specific brand. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, receive project updates and vibe with fellow Visionaries. You'll also be given homework to help me customize your branding experience.
Branding Tutorials
Think of these as private workshops (for the group only). I'll teach you how to create your own graphics inside of Canva, perform customer research to create a better experience for your tribe, come up with creative concepts for your products & services and more.
Mastermind Sessions
Do you often have ideas for your brand, but you're not sure what next steps to take? Bring it to the Mastermind calls to get guidance on how you can bring these ideas to life.
Bomb Ass Brand Box
There's nothing like seeing your brand in real life. Once you complete the program, you'll receive a box full of goodies branded with your new identity. Think of it as a care package for your brand. You'll get a coffee mug, notebook, pens and more to keep you inspired and your mind ON YOUR BRAND.
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